Hey, I'm Anna Mulamba.

I'm A Senior Designer At DivvyCloud In Washington, DC.
I Love Grids And A Good Appreciation For Print Design.
I'm Obsessed With Designing With Users In Mind &
I'm Passionate About Branding And Content Strategy.


DivvyCloud | Senior Designer and Social Media Manager

As The Senior and Sole Designer at DivvyCloud, a company that prevents large enterprises that have migrated their data to the cloud from having a data breach, or not being GDPR complient, etc. I work directly under the Chief Marketing Officer to grow and enhance the DivvyCloud brand, and support sales and marketing efforts to help build marketing qualified pipeline. I am responsible for hearing the concerns and goals from the marketing, sales and business teams then creating designs that solve those problems and reach those goals. As a result, I work on a wide variety of projects: websites, emails, social campaigns, exhibition graphics and print materials. Additionally, I manage DivvyCloud’s social media presence.